"EDUCATION is the kindling of a FLAME, not the filling of a VESSEL."

- Socrates

Our registration and enrollment procedure varies depending on your selected program. For more information about the requirements of your particular program, please read our financial aid handbook located at the side of this page.

High School Enrollment

All students in Pennsylvania may participate in vocational and technical training. We encourage students who have a desire for training and a specific interest in a field to enroll in one of our programs. We have a specific protocol for high school admissions:

  • Review the course(s) of interest and discuss your career plans with your parents and the guidance counselor of your home school.
  • Pick up an application from your guidance counselor, at a GJCTC campus, or download one from the side of this page.
  • Complete the front of the application and choose up to three programs. Be sure to number your choices in order of preference. You and your parents must sign the application.
  • Return the application to your counselor or GJCTC to complete and obtain the school officials’ signatures.
  • The GJCTC guidance counselor will schedule a meeting with you at your home school to review your application and career plans.
  • We will notify you by mail of your acceptance into a vocational area. At that time, we will also notify you of your orientation time at GJCTC.
  • If you are a special needs student, be sure to request to have a GJCTC representative at your IEP conference.

Adult Education

We accept students into our adult programs based on specific program requirements. To begin the process, you must:

  • Schedule appointment to interview with our Career Counselor by calling (814) 266-6073, ext. 133 or 233.
  • A high school diploma or GED is required for Adult Programs (excluding Short Term Programs).
  • Pay a non-refundable registration fee of $100 at the time of the interview.
  • Meet all of the entrance requirements.

We will notify you of your acceptance by mail. We have counseling services available to individuals to assist in meeting educational needs. If you are struggling with choosing your area of training, please make an appointment to speak to a member of our staff. We’re here to help!

Industry Training

To schedule industry training for your company’s staff, contact us. We offer high quality training programs at an affordable price. Visit the Industry Training page for more information.